Meditation Classes


Meditation Class: 

 Date:  Wed., June 12th

Time:   7 pm

Cost: $15 per class

 Exploring Meditation with Charity Pilkinton



This month we will be practicing Loving kindness meditation

Incorporating mindful focus into everyday tasks is a wonderful way to take our meditation practice out of the studio and into our daily life.

We are all looking for a way to deal with the stress of daily life. Meditation is a great tool to not only exist but to thrive in whatever environment you find yourself. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or wrestle with existential angst, my hope is that participants will take what they learn and create a mindful and compassionate space for themselves.

This monthly class is designed to explore different forms of meditation.

Come in or call to reserve and pay for your spot.
(615) 884-9021

Class is $15.00

Charity Pilkinton RMT is a certified Hypnotherapist. She enjoys exploring the vastness of human consciousness with modalities both ancient and modern; Tarot, Meditation, Qaballah, Dream and Chant to name a few.

 Mark your calendar for upcoming meditation classes:

June 14,  July 12,  Aug 9,  Sept 13,  Oct 11,  Nov 8,  Dec 13

So much research has been performed on the benefits of meditation.  It is a necessary component to balance our busy lives of today.  Meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, creates an overall sense of well-being — reduces anxiety, anger and depression, improves the immune system, helps reverse heart disease, increases energy and blood flow.  Meditation thickens the cortex, where we make decisions, analyze, feel more connected to others and dream.

  “Meditation creates more time than it takes” – Peter McWilliams

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