the ultimate De-stress event

prana=Breath work  

NADA =Acupuncture 

nidra =deep relaxation 

Wed., April 15 @ 7 pm

$25 per person

Stress affects both the mind and body and impacts our overall health & well-being.  Left un-managed, yoga nidrastress can lead to increased health risks such as illness, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders.  It is important to learn healthy ways to manage your stress.  The more you practice this stress-reduction technique you can learn to elicit a relaxation response on demand and change the way you respond to potentially stressful events in your life.
acudetoxPranayama (breathing practices) are used to calm the mind, bring focus and center the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the body.  Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice creating space for deep relaxation and mental/emotional resolve.    NADA  (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) acupuncture greatly reduces stress.  The ear-point protocol influences the parasympathetic nervous system and several neurotransmitters, allowing the body to  further relax and promotes the feelings of peace.
The session will be held by Yoga Therapist, Jan Thrasher, CYT-500 and Katherine Casey,L.AD.,DIPL.AC.
$25 per person
 Advance Reservation Required
Katherine Casey is a licensed Acupuncturist and former ICU nurse.  She has an office in the Music Row area at 1815 Division Street, where she treats clients for a wide variety of conditions.  For more information on Katherine or Chinese Medicine, visit her website at

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