Yoga Therapy – Hip Pain Class for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Therapy for Hip Bursitis and Related Pain – A Class for Yoga Teachers

Sponsored by Yoga Society of Nashville

Saturday, April 29

12:30 – 3:30 pm

Join us for this 3-hour yoga therapy immersion as we discuss anatomy and explore referred pain that may be creating pain related issues in the area of the hip.  Attention will be given to causation, perpetuating factors and their corrections.  Teachers will engage in hands on assessment of structural symmetry of the pelvis and lower limb, as well as testing for muscular functionality.  Compression techniques using various self care tools and prescribed asana to restore function and balance will be shared.  Don’t miss this community education opportunity to learn and share vital information that is key in helping students with inflammation and related hip pain. 

  Presented by:

  Jan Thrasher, Jayanti Devii,    

  500 – CYT, C-IAYT

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