Class Descriptions

Beginning Yoga Beginning Yoga – A class that introduces you to yoga postures (asana) and proper alignment; to the importance of yogic breathwork (pranayama); to calming the mind using dharana (focus) and dhyana (meditation); and the path path… This is the class that opens the door, but you have to walk thru . Oh, and the path is yours, whatever you shall make it. Yoga is not a religion, but it can draw you closer to your spiritual connection or you can just enjoy all the physical benefits. When the student is ready, there’s a class somewhere, and we kinda like this one!!!!

Straight Ahead Vinyasa Yeah, Vinyasa baby — you know you love it…this liquid movement that defines the practice of combining movement with the breath. A virtual pranayamic dance! That’s right, this class if filled with movement, so it is suggested for those with Yoga experience as well as beginners that like to move and understand the basics.

Go with the Flow Go with the Flow – All Levels – Sometimes we need a more vigorous practice to release stress and tension that has our bodies and minds wrapped so tight, and sometimes we need a more gentle practice in acceptance of our selves just as we are and to honor our gentle spirit. This is an all levels class that offers both options, but (as always in life on the mat and off the mat) the choice is always yours. At all classes, options will be give to explore and observe our Yin natures (passive/accepting) or our Yang natures (aggressive/ moving & changing)

Power Flow – Awaken the Fire Power Flow – Awaken the Fire! – A powerful practice mentally and physically! We kick off the class with 30 minutes of Sun Salutations into standing poses, igniting the inner fire to burn impurities and establish mental focus. This well rounded practice then moves to core work, back bends, forward folds and then into inversions to turn your world upside down and release that inner child! You just gotta do it!!

Loving Kindness and Gentle Yoga with Meditation Loving Kindness Gentle Yoga & Meditation – A passive practice to open the heart, the mind and the body. So much of our external world pulls on us too tightly with demands and deadlines. As a result, we begin to constrict in resistance. This constriction has us living too tight in our bodies, in our minds and in our hearts. We forget that the greatest thing we can give to ourselves and to each other is acceptance, kindness and love. Each class will conclude with a seated Loving kindness Meditation – just what we need to set a positive intention for ourselves and extend more love out & into the world. And, doesn’t our world need it? Do you?

Yoga Therapy /  Rx  & Gentle Yoga Rx – A therapeutic class for many ailments. This class focuses on health of the spine through strengthening back and core muscles, releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, strengthening the knees and bring the body back into balance, naturally and holistically. Take charge of your health, your life in this class that helps you work towards wellness.

Sunday Stillness Sunday Stillness – Find that quiet place of balance and stillness within. We live so much outside ourselves, and it is so important to stop and bring proper focus and attention within. Your yoga is a tool for doing just that. This class is to guide you through proper alignment and help you find focus in your yoga practice…­a focus that centers the mind and nurtures the body. By teaching from a point of awareness on alignment, Brent wants to help you build a solid foundation and knowledge of yoga asana. Take a breath before the work week begins

Ananda Yoga – flowing style of yoga called ananda (meaning “bliss”) which incorporates positive affirmations and a focus on preparing the body and mind for meditation.

Yoga Therapy for Stress “YOGA HAPPY HOUR” – The perfect solution for anyone who needs to unload, unwind and find their center. This class is for all levels and begins with moderate movement to release physical & emotional tension and then gradually melts into a liquid flow that literally wrings tension and tightness from the body with twists and forward folds. The final segment of the class includes relaxation followed by breath work, and concluding with a seated meditation to center the mind and promote clarity & balance.

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