What Should I Bring to Yoga? What Should I Wear?

◾The studio does have yoga mats and all props necessary for the practice. However, if you do have your own yoga mat it is recommended that you bring it. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that does not prohibit your movement, i.e., workout shorts/pants, leggings, sports tops, sweat pants, etc.

◾It is best to practice on an empty or nearly empty stomach. (At least 1-2 hours after a light meal.)

◾Be sure to notify your Yoga teacher of any special health or physical challenges you may have or if you are pregnant. Based on your health status is may be best to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

◾If you suffer from hypertension, osteoporosis or cervical arthritis, you should not practice headstands or some of the other related inversion postures.

◾Most importantly, listen to your body! If it hurts…it is not Yoga. Yoga does not operate off of the principle of no-pain/no-gain.

◾We hold Yoga postures, but not the breath…so BREATHE!

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