The 10-day Illuminate the Unlimited Diet

We are spiritual beings, expressing ourselves physically through a body and a mind, yet we are so much more than that physical expression.  This is why we should never believe or think that we are helpless or subject to material or physical conditions.  It is not uncommon to hear people express such claims as ” Well, arthritis runs in my family, so I’m sure I’ll have it one day.”  And sure enough, what we proclaim, what we express through the power of thought and word into the material world will truly come to pass.  I think it was a quote from Illusions by Richard Bach, “Argue for your limitations and they are yours…”   We forget how incredibly powerful we “spiritual beings” really are.  So here’s your 10-day challenge:  Argue for the very best that you can manifest in your life!  For the next 10 days, monitor your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors.  Never affirm that you are limited in anyway.  Embrace your unlimited, boundless nature that knows no limitation.    Avoid thinking that you have no control over your thoughts, mental & emotional states, physical conditions, personal relationships or that you are unable to choose how to experience your life.  Never believe or affirm that you cannot help yourself to complete wellness and personal freedom.  Nurture your spiritual nature by surrounding yourself with positive, philosophical literature and enlightened people.  Meditate regularly…use positive affirmations and intentions.    Just 10 days of positive focus in all areas of your life and you’ll loose the real pounds that weigh you down the most.

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